Wistful Autumn Foliage digital clipart set - available on Creative Market. 

I'm captivated by the vibrant but faded colors of autumn - when the sunflowers in my mother's garden start to fade, trees trade green leaves for colorful leaves and eventually bare twigs, and everything seems wistful and nostalgic. Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year. Everywhere I look there's inspiration for paintings and designs. This Autumn, I've used my inspiration to create this Wistful Autumn Foliage clipart set. Colors included in this set are soft rose and auburn, orange and burnt sienna, gentle amethyst, creams and golds. I've also included some elements with a gold foil effect to add some gleam to your designs!
This set includes a mix of JPEG, PNG and SVG images. The JPEG and PNG images are best used in Photoshop, where you can use blending modes such as multiply or darken to give the watercolors a realistic effect - this is particularly nice if you use the illustrations over the paper textures I've included. The hand-painted watercolor textures are best used with multiply so that they blend realistically. You can also use the PNG files in Canva to create beautiful and unique designs! The SVG files can be used in Illustrator for branding applications.
31 individual elements with transparent backgrounds - leaves, twigs, flowers, and feathers - PNG
4 floral wreath designs - PNG
3 square floral frames - PNG & SVG
3 floral swags, one floral drop pattern, 2 hand drawn gold circles with gold foil texture - PNG & SVG
11 pre-made floral arrangements - PNG & SVG
6 300 DPI pre-made A6 greeting card designs - JPEG
5 300 DPI 8.5x11 paper textures - JPEG
4 watercolor autumn words - PNG and SVG
5 hand painted watercolor textures - PNG
Fonts used in the presentation images are found right here on Creative Market!
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