Excerpt -
"Everyone wants to make their lives easier, right? No one goes around saying, “ I sure wish my daily tasks were harder to get through, and took longer!” Maybe some people do I guess.
But you probably want to make things easier to do! People find all kinds of ways to add little shortcuts to the things they do. And this is why developers make Hotkeys for the programs they create.
Hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, are combinations of keys that, when pressed simultaneously, trigger an action in the program you are using.
Most people are familiar with the universal hotkeys of CTRL C, or copy text/item and CTRL V, or paste text/item. These work in every program and internet browser.
Design programs have their own massive hotkey lists to make designing tasks faster and easier, and Canva is no exception. Today I’ve prepared a list of all the Canva hotkeys! And bonus, I created a sweet infographic of all of the hotkey combos for you to save to your design Pinterest board!"
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