Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm an artist and designer living in Northern California. I draw, doodle, and paint things that spring into my head. For traditional artwork, I love sketching, pen and ink, markers, watercolor, colored pencil, and mixed media. I also create digital artwork and designs using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and a great little drawing program called Clip Studio.
I grew up in the beautiful but austere Mojave desert - much different from the lush South Bay area I live in now. However, nature is beautiful in a variety of ways, and the beauty of plants, animals, and living things is constantly informing my work. I'm also drawn to themes of magic, fantasy, and dreams. Several of my drawings are based on dreams!
My professional work is a mixture of graphic design, user interaction and user experience design. I specialize in user interaction scenario storyboards for product pitches. My clients find it helpful to have strong visuals explaining end uses of apps and products when pitching to their clients. I love design and I'm always reading about new trends in UI and graphic design.  
And finally, I'm also an accomplished seamstress and patternmaker. I apprenticed to a bespoke clothing company several years ago and learned how to sew and develop patterns professionally. I make most of my own clothing!
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